So, if I’ve learned anything from being an avid reader and scouring bookstores and libraries, I know that my stories have a chance. The ones on Amazon have been read by a handful of folks (it’s always so surreal when people tell me they like my work. I’m like, “wait you read my stuff?” That’s not a lack of confidence. That’s West Indian humility.). The next thing  I’m putting out is a children’s book called Poor Mr. Monday. Levi helped me come up with the idea. I would always tell him the days of the week when he was in the hospital. I remember telling him that everyone hated Monday, by no fault of Monday at all, but based on our perception of it.  The book is my take on the personalities of the days of the week and what we think of them. I hope to make a series out of it. Could Monday get a makeover and start dating Lady Friday? I guess you’ll have to read it and see!! A couple of gifted former students, (all girls) did the illustrations. My good buddy Darnell is handling the publishing once he is back stateside.