This is my homework assignment. It’s based on the Norman Rockwell painting about Ruby Bridges.

Black girls were born begging.
The White Man’s Burden on two scrawny legs.

Wet and squirmy.

Already hungry and wanting things.
Please feed me.
Soon, she will want agency over her body. You know, forget she is property. All they are good for is breeding. Some can be trained to cook well and talk to folks. Not many.
Please don’t

touch me there.
One day, she will get brave- try to take up for her seemingly defenseless mama, who is SUCH A NASTY WOMAN!

(Oversexed, do anything, animals! Of course they’re animals. Can’t you see they have dark brown eyes like a raccoon or an opossum? Don’t be silly or fooled by their pretty legs and sweet voices. Witches they are.)
Please don’t hurt my mama.
To make things even worse, one day, she will want to rub shoulders with us, forget her place. All the same, little wenches are tolerable. It’s the bucks I can’t stand. They are so unruly.
Please let me go to your school.
I promise I won’t break anything.

My mama cleaned Mr. Meyer’s car extra shiny, and got money, so I have my own pencils.

Mama says she is saving up to get me a few more bows. I only have this White one. I think it looks pretty with my White dress and White shoes. I have a tablet to write in. The pages are so White and crisp. And sharp on the edges.

I’m almost afraid to write in it, even though I know how to write good. Mama taught me.

She was real smart before we got here. Used to do maths. Now she clean. I go with her sometimes. Can’t touch nothing. She gets right mad. Says I can’t mess up the White people’s nice house. They probably think I’m bout to mess up the school. I won’t though. I’m only here to get the Right-White learning. Maybe one day, I can get a White job and a White House and a White man. Then my babies will have a chance. And pretty hair.