Is it possible that living in the shadows, only coming alive in the night time or when around kindred spirits brings out the best in one creatively? What about the assertion that while you’re in a room alone wondering alone why your impulses are so different from others that your mind is allowed to climb higher trees and pick misshapen, yet delicious fruit?

Last week, after the Janelle Monae concert, I totally fanned out over Lena Waithe.

One of my friends is an old acquaintance of Monae’s and as such, we were granted the opportunity to go backstage and congratulate her on having an otherworldly performance. Somewhere along the way, I saw Lena. THE LENA. Lena who makes me, and I am sure-some of you, dear readers- cry with her true-to-life portrayal of life in Chicago with her gripping show, The Chi. In  my case, I am not sure if I am more envious of her writing, or her character on Master of None, Denise. That episode where her coming out story unfolds is so pivotal for many queer folks, including myself. My story wasn’t as neat as Denise’s, but as black woman, I know all too well what it is like to not be taken seriously by family once everyone is no longer in denial about your sexuality. Right now, she is a bastion for creatives of color who also live in the LGBTQ world.

And so, I totally lost it when I saw her.

“Lena, I love you!” That was the best I could come up with when I was faced with the second unicorn of the night. I am not sure whether it was the overpriced wine, or the intoxication brought on by breathing the same air as Janelle Monae, but some force took my words, and only those four came out.

She did wave at me though. A win is a win.