This morning, I woke up and gave God his due. After my morning phone call with Kristen, I got on FaceTime with my little sister as I made ready for my morning walk. She told me she removed all social media apps from her phone for her mental health. Nipsey Hustle was killed last night, and the people she follows found it okay to share the videos of his body being jostled all over the concrete after being shot numerous times. Since the murder of our brother Jermaine, we are extremely sensitive to violence. Especially gun violence. As soon as I saw the headlines last night, I was dampened. Kids without a father. Again.


When I first saw the breaking news about him being shot, I didn’t know the specifics. I prayed a little prayer, and shook my head at the coldness of man, and a little part of me felt like he wasn’t going to make it. I have no idea why. As my sister said this morning, his work will now be continued in the spirit realm. He has only been removed from the physical. He was a beautiful man, and I am sure those close to him feel like they are at a loss. The truth is, none of us are here forever, and even the best of us will eventually go. Until then, what do we do?


When I walked to get my coffee this morning, something swept over me and I remember my sister saying that she almost beat me to the punch with our daily call because she felt a shift in the atmosphere. Yesterday while listening to a sermon, the woman of God mentioned things being loosed in the supernatural this month. Judging from the electricity in the air, she is right. As I walked, I felt the essence of God all around me. There was a sweet smell, and the breeze felt like it was carrying my down the sidewalk. I smiled and thanked God for allowing me to still be here, and to be happy this morning. I am wearing my “Ask Me How to Monday” tee shirt, but I may not upload any tips. I didn’t do it last week either. I kind of just want to soak up the spirit.


Be in the moment.


My complex has a modest laundry facility. After drinking my coffee and handling some business, I went and put a couple loads in the washer. My heart felt glad. Only to be washing my clothes (The word says if we delight in the small things, he will give us charge over large things). I took my time putting them around the agitator and adding the soap. I thought about how my life has changed in such a short time. I thought about how grateful I am for today. For all the people who love me and all the people I love. I thought about Nipsey and his impact, which will never die as long as people remember who he was and what he stood for. God simply wanted him back. Sometimes he shakes us up so we can see. I pray that those around him and those who admired him are compelled to love people while they are still here, while they can still say hello. While they can still express their feelings, while they can still apologize and dream dreams together.

Until the trumpet sounds, all we have is each other.

Be love.