Today is totally one of those days.

It started with Levi standing in the hotel refrigerator like a ravenous teenager. I heard him hop off the bed. Before I knew it, there was a faint, yet insistent light shining in my eyes. There he was, in his crab pajamas helping himself to graham crackers. One rectangle in each hand. I sat up and told him to get out of the fridge, but he just bent down, scanning the bottom shelf for more goodies.

After spending a couple hours doing research and reading with Levi, I decided to get dressed and take him on walk so we could have lunch. Somehow, the 20 dollar umbrella stroller made it with us on the trip. After days back and forth on the cobblestones in Seaport Village, it finally started acting up at the crowded BBQ spot I picked.

On the way back, a got an email from the editor of a magazine I submitted an article for. Basically, I wrote thousands of words over the 1500 word requirement. How didn’t I know this was the rule? Last night, while I finished Create Dangerously, by Edwidge Danicat, I came across a couple passages where the author basically stated that when things happen in Haiti, media outlets contact her for her 1500 words. That smacked me right in the face today. I am so long winded. I’m either not talking at all, or talking too much!

Additionally, I’ve taken on two projects that are sure to complicate my life, passively argued with my wife, and have started to stress myself out about something that I know will resolve itself.

Fever blister loading…

On the bright side, like my team said-at least I wasn’t asked to shorten my long ass article, and I’m stepping out on faith in some major ways.

P.S. I am finally going to have a Well Read Black Girl shirt!!

And I am sorry Bae.