Poor Mr. Monday Query-Pass it Along

L. Samantha Leidig

3668 W. Chapman Lane

Inglewood, CA 90305


October 23, 2018



Monday has had enough of you people blaming him for doing nothing but existing. He didn’t choose to be the start of the week, and is wondering when everyone will stop ragging on him!


Any Google search about the “Monday Blues” or “Reasons People Mondays” will yield thousand pages of results. Here in the US, and if I had to guess, all across the universe, human beings hate Mondays. Maybe the animals do too, I am not exactly sure. What I do know for sure is that this sentiment has absolutely nothing to do with Monday itself. It is more about what we have to do on Mondays, the person we have to be, the people we have to interact with. I wrote this book to promote honest dialogue regarding the lives and vocations we have chosen and how they make us feel when the week starts. Poor Mr. Monday is a picture book created for children ages three to ten. It is the first in a series of three. In this first installment, the days of the week introduce themselves as individuals. Monday pleads his case and asks questions about why he is the most despised member of the group, while others like Friday and Saturday gloat about their standing in the lineup. Poor Mr. Monday is a teaching tool that meets several benchmarks associated with the Common Core Standards, especially as it pertains to Social-Emotional Education.


I am a former secondary-school educator with eight years in the public school system. My son Levi was born prematurely in 2015, halting my experience in the classroom. Talking to him about the days of the week as he slept in his incubator prompted me to write this book. My passion for interacting with children and fostering a love of literature hasn’t diminished-only changed directions. I earned my Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Lindenwood University in December of 2017. Along with developing literature for both children and adults, I am a volunteer for Americorps. My work most recently appeared in Gay Parent Magazine (September-October 2018).


Thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

L. Samantha Leidig